Stress-Free Living

Coaching and Development Programme

Your present situation is …

You have worked hard, for a long time, to be in a position of authority and responsibility. You have others that look up to you, or depend on your work/decisions, both in your professional and your personal life

The challenges you are facing now …

The daily demands and expectations, that other people and life’s circumstances are putting on you, are causing you varying levels of stress that prevent you from enjoying the life you deserve..

Furthermore, stress is affecting ..

  • Your creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Your productivity and time management
  • Your communication at work and your career progression
  • Your physical energy and your mental clarity
  • Your immunity and your digestion
  • Your ability to relax and to sleep well
  • Your social life and your personal relationships

What is your next step ?

What you need right now is help to clarify your vision, map your situation and decide what your target is. What follows this, is deciding what is the right course for you and supporting you to get there.

How will the Stress-Free Living Coaching Programme help you ?

Together we will draw a map of your current Work-Life situation.

We will make a list of your strengths and challenges, and take stock of your resources. Most importantly, we will work through your current mindset and see which areas we will need to develop.

I will then design the right tools and systems for you, teach you how to use them, and help you with implementation.

Over the following three months I will be encouraging you to take action, fine-tuning every process, and giving you feedback on your progress.

I promise to be with you every step of our agreed path, until you achieve your desired results.